Memorandum for participants


Proceedings of the conference you can find on


Materials submitted for publication should meet the requirements listed below:

the volume of the article should not exceed 3-5 full pages. Paper size is A5 (148×210 mm). Margins – 20 mm around;

the text of the report, abstract, tables and drawings must be integrated in one piece. The contributions are to cover up to four full A5 pages including abstract (up to 50 words), tables and figures;

– an article has to be typed in text editor Microsoft Word for Windows. You should work in automatic hyphenation mode. Font — Times New Roman, font 9, single line space interval between lines.

Requirements to the text of the article:

UDC — left-aligned, space at the bottom 9 pt;

Information about authors – initials, surname, degree in science, in brackets — company, state. Text must be font 9, italic, right-aligned, space from below — 9 pt;

Title of the article. The title must be as short as possible and to characterize precisely and briefly the area of submission (section) – font 9, bold, left-aligned, space from below — 9 pt, without hyphenation;

Abstract — font 8, italic, left-aligned without the first line indent, space from left and right – 5mm, space from below — 9 pt, the text should not be longer than 5 lines;

The text of the article — first line indent of the paragraph is 10 mm, the text must be justified; captions to figures, titles of the tables – font 8, the text must be centered; numbering of the tables – font 8, italic, right-alignment; formulas – it is recommended to use build-in Word for Windows Equation Editor using the following styles: Text, Function, Variable, Number – Times New Roman; L.C.Greek, U.C.Greek, Symbol – Symbol; Matrix/Vector – Times New Roman, bold. It is recommended to use such font sizes: Full- 9 pt, Subscript/Superscript — 7 pt, Symbol — 18 pt, Sub-Symbol – 9 pt;

Conclusion Title – font 9, bold, separate section (space from above – 9 pt, from below – 6pt, centered) or inside the text. Text — font 9;

References: Title (references) — font 9, bold, centered, space from above – 9 pt, from below – 6 pt; text must be typed as numbered list, space from left – 5mm; space from the first line of the paragraph – 5mm, space from below 6 pt, justified; surnames and initials of the authors of references, title of references, volume etc. – font 8, surnames and initials of the authors of references – italic.


Reports in Ukraine, Russian or English must send


Reports will be not edited before print. Authors are responsible for the content of the report.