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1. Modern technologies of aircraft continuing airworthiness

2. Design, service life and wear of aviation structures

3. Engines and power installations

4. Automation and energy saving on transport

5. Electrical and lighting engineering systems and complexes

6. Aeronavigation and Unmanned Aerial Complexes

7. Control of Complex Systems

8. Automated control systems of technological processes and vehicles

9. Avionics and control of aircraft

10. Electronics and telecommunications

11. Current Trends in Аviation English Language Teaching

12. Civil Aviation Cybersecurity

13. Advanced Technologies of Software Engineering in Aviation

14. Computerized control systems

15. Computer Systems and Networks

16. Mathematical modeling and numerical methods

17. Biological Safety in Aviation

18. Perspectives of Aviation Research in Europe

19. Chemistry and Chemical Technology

20. Development of airports and territories that adjoin

21. Design of architectural environment

22. Global transformations of aviation market

23. Digital technology – the keys to a digital future

24. Transport technologies, management and logistics

25. International economic cooperation of Ukraine in the aviation and space fields

26. The transformation of journalism in the context of technologizing the world and the processes of globalization

27. Aviation and cosmonautics in the era of turbulence: the international legal response

28. Aviation and tourism

29. International relations in global challenges of modern times

30. Multimedia Technologies and Systems

31. Legal providing of united air space

32. Language preparation of Aviation experts

33. Psychology of safe air transport operation

34. Aviation safety

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